11.23 Preme Presents: Mandoncare/Warlock/Khemist

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 Preme Presents 

Mandoncare (Preme)

Warlock (Preme)

Khemist (Genome)

11/23 Thursday

Door: 50rmb


作为上海新兴组合Genome 6.66 mpb的一员,Khemist受UK wave以及LA Beats场景影响,对节奏与旋律进行更沉入地底的调剂,深谙场景中制造冷冻药剂,带你进入到说唱乐的暗黑面,不同于其他地方能听见的传统意义陷阱音乐,其所努力营造的是沉到地心的暗黑情绪。已多次支持如Rabit,Goth Trad,Lao,Gaika,Murio,Nosaj Thing,Taha等音乐人。

Khemist maneuvers the hiphop funk, soul, jazz old-school music as well as the trap, and the wave future bass. His djing can be compare to modern alchemy or cookery mixing and working with the future sounds without the boundaries of music type.


没那么在乎音乐的种类和风格,无论是808 beats的说唱,jazz hiphop还是soundcloud rapper都可能会出现在他的set里,希望能把自己的vibe分享给更多人。

Warlock breaks boundaries mixing it up with 808 beat raps to Soundcloud rappers. He’s digging deep curating sounds from the underground to the international scene. warlock knocks down the barriers, hoping to share the vibes with everyone .


Mandoncare的音乐涉及 90 年代 Hip-Hop、爵士以及雷鬼音乐。其活跃于本土音乐圈,经常可以缔造出躁动舞池的音乐,令大家大呼过瘾。

From 90s Hip-Hop to a mix of Jazz and Reggae, Mandoncare continues to drive the local scene with his genre-blending sets. He’ll get any party going with his extensive selections, guaranteed for a rowdy night. 

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